4 Ways Engagement Shoots Can Help With Pre-Wedding Jitters

4 Ways Engagement Shoots Can Help With Pre-Wedding Jitters

Weddings can be stressful – all that planning, money and family input can drive even the most level-headed of couples crazy.

From worrying about the catering to the dress, the table settings and your nan, weddings can quickly become a minefield – and wedding photography can be the number one worry. Often, couples book wedding photographers so far in advance that, when the day finally comes around, they can’t remember much about the couple, or what they’re looking for during the day. A pre-wedding or engagement shoot can be a perfect way to prepare for your big day and calm your nerves. Award-winning Yorkshire Wedding Photographer ILTO Photography gives us their tips on why engagement shoots are a necessity!

It’s a great way to get to know your photographer

Often, couples will spend more time with their photographer than their mothers on the day itself and so, in order to get the best images and account of the most important day of your life, it’s imperative that you have a rapport with your photographer. Chances are,  if you’re already in the engagement shoot phase then you’ve met each other a few times, but you may not have spent any real time together. A pre-wedding shoot is a perfect time to get to know one another and to feel more relaxed in their presence. Wedding photographers often act as a therapist, problem solver, and friend all rolled into one. Along with having sole responsibility for documenting your day, it can be quite daunting. Truly feeling comfortable with your photographer can mean the difference between good shots, and shots that are simply amazing.

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It allows you to be more natural in front of the camera

One of the hardest things about wedding photography is making sure couples look natural and comfortable in front of the camera. Most people hate having pictures taken – but that’s only because they’ve never had a good one! Having a camera thrust into your face for 8 hours is unnatural, and takes some getting used to.  The worst thing for a wedding photographer is a self-conscious bride or groom on the big day. Having just a few hours of an engagement shoot lets you relax without the prying eyes of your nearest and dearest  – but remember, your wedding day will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced, so don’t expect it to be an exact replica of your engagement shoot.

It saves time on the day itself

Once couples are more natural and relaxed, photos tend to be much easier. One of the benefits of having a pre-wedding shoot is that it saves time on the actual day itself. During the engagement shot, photographers can work out how the couple acts together, what kind of stance they have or how they tend to move. As pre shoots are usually the first time the photographer has taken shots of the couple, unless they’re a friend or family member, they’re great for working out the least flattering angles or poses. By getting all the logistics out of the way pre-wedding, photographers don’t have to waste time on the day and so can just get stuck in their work.

It helps the photographer get to know the couple

Wedding photographers want to capture natural and organic moments between couples throughout their wedding day. If a couple isn’t generally tactile, then forcing them to take photos while kissing and hugging would feel abnormal and forced – the last words people want to be associated with their wedding! Photographers aim is to take photos that reflect the nature of your relationship and you as a couple. Engagement shoots are a great way for the photographer to see how you interact with each other naturally, and they will structure their approach and images to show this.

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If you’re looking for a passionate Yorkshire Wedding Photographer who will provide the confidence you need to have in your wedding photographers, then contact ILTO Photography today.

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