How to Avoid Risks and Stress this Christmas Season

How to Avoid Risks and Stress this Christmas Season

With all the cooking, gift giving and money spending, Christmas can often feel like more of a chore than a holiday. Stop stress in its tracks with our 6 simple tips and get yourself into the festive spirit!

1. Start with a list

Make a list of everything you want to get done before the 25th December – from presents you’re yet to buy, to the Christmas snacks you still need to pick up. Divide it into two lists – on one side, things you have to do – such as buying a turkey – and on the other things you’d like to do – such as a full house clean or festive baking. That way, you can easily see how much you still have to do, and can make sure you don’t forget anything crucial, like the presents! Well, if it works for Santa…

2. Delegation is key

Do you have children that are going to be home this holiday season? Perhaps you’ve got a boyfriend who has a few days off? Enlist their help for a stress-free Christmas! While most of us will try and do everything ourselves, often simply asking for help takes a huge weight off your shoulders. If they don’t play ball? Bribe them with Christmas cookies or alcohol – that always seems to do the trick!

3. Start early

If you’re one of those people who begin their Christmas preparations on the 23rd December, you might want to have a rethink. Try starting earlier for a smoother Christmas. Why not make freezable Christmas food, such as stuffing or pigs in blankets, earlier in the year – they can be easily defrosted on Christmas Eve and will save you loads of time. Similarly, there’s no rule that says you can’t do your shopping earlier in the year – if you spot a sale or the perfect gift earlier in the year, jump on it. Just remember to make a list somewhere obvious so you don’t forget come December. Stretching out your holiday activities will mean less stress for you in those final few weeks, meaning you can sit back and enjoy the festive activities.

4. Be clever with your shopping

If the thought of shopping centres and endless queuing fills you with dread, head online for your gifts this Christmas. Online shopping means you can spend more time choosing gifts, without the added pressure of being out and about. It’s also great for price checking, meaning you’ll be able to get the best deal possible. Often, online shops offer special deals and discounts that are worth keeping an eye on. Just keep in mind the final delivery date – there’s nothing worse than ordering the perfect gift, only for it to arrive on January the 2nd.

Alternatively, if you have to go in store for an item it’s worth ringing beforehand to check it’s in stock – why go to seven different shops when you could just make a call, go to one and pick it up? Simple!

5. Be mindful of little hands

With Christmas being so busy, it’s sometimes hard to keep an eye on children, let alone keep them safe. To minimise risk this festive season, make sure sharp knives, alcohol and hot food are kept out of reach of little ones. If they want to help with Christmas preparation, giving them simple tasks, such as hanging baubles on the tree or helping to mix cookies, will keep them safe.

6. Minimise risks in your workplace

Reducing risks at work before you leave will minimise your holiday stress, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy yourself much more, without worrying what you’ll be going back to come January. By implementing a clear Quality Management System, such as ISO 9001, businesses can easily determine the processes that could cause the most risk or hazard, and then apply effective measures to reduce or negate these.

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